We support the business by providing expert resources to: ​​
Lead HR Due Diligence & Integration for M&A Projects 
Divest and Stand Up HR Function for Spin Off or Start Up

Train and Prepare HR Function for M&A Activity

These types of projects have a life of their own, and your HR team may not have the bandwidth to pull double duty while taking care of the day-to-day operations. Pathway360 works with the buyer or seller to lead the HR work stream (i.e., due diligence, planning, deal closing, employee communication, integration, implementation, build out, interim HR leader). We will help you manage data, decisions, and deliverables so you can make the deal a reality.  

Pathway360 Consulting, LLC 



pathway360 consulting, llc

We support the business by providing expert resources to: 
Create HR Strategy & Effectiveness Roadmap 
We’ll open up the hood and conduct an HR Audit to help pinpoint current and future state and map out how to get there.    

Leverage and Deliver Key HR Projects, Processes and Services

Got the roadmap but lack the time or resources to get it all done?  Give us your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses of HR needs—onboarding, performance management, compensation, career development, HR system, engagement, recruiting process, etc.  You name it — we can take it on, and we have! 

Lead HR Function on Interim Basis 
Are you considering starting an HR function or adding more senior positions? We’ll step in so you can get a feel for having “HR in the house,” and then help you take the next step to build out the HR function. We can also step in if your HR leader is out on extended leave.

Increase Capability by Coaching HR leaders and Team Members
We’ve been in the trenches too, so whether you are an HR generalist who wants to be a VP, or you are the VP and want an outside perspective, we are all ears—and eyes and voice to help you with your professional success and business challenges.

Increase Capacity by Recruiting HR leaders and Team Members
Don’t fall in the hole where you've got a gap! We can fill it! We live and breathe HR, so let us be your talent scout for new HR team members.

We support the business by providing expert resources to: 
Assess, Coach, & Facilitate for Team Performance 
Facilitate New Leader Assimilation 
Facilitate New Team & Project Kick-off

We facilitate team effectiveness through coaching, training, assessment instruments, experiential learning, and structured working sessions. We focus on alignment of goals and roles, enhancing trust, collaborative relationships, and problem solving business issues such as service breakdown, process improvement, customer satisfaction, or product design. 


We support the business by providing expert resources to: 
Facilitate Company Level Strategy Building and Goal Alignment
Plan and Implement Organization (re)Structure
Design and Implement Process Improvement 
Plan and Support Change Management

We help companies envision and align the work for results. Pathway360 is a great leverage for executives and HR departments who are leading transformation initiatives because we can stay laser-focused on the change process without getting pulled away to deal with daily operations. Our neutrality enables us to quickly build trust with stakeholders in order to facilitate agreements and implement action plans. All change is big no matter the size company, and we help companies lead change in an inclusive and thoughtful manner.

We support the business by providing expert resources to: 
Facilitate Company-wide Talent Assessment, Promotion and Succession Planning 
Talent Management isn’t just for the Fortune 500—even small companies gain significant value from spending focused time in thoughtful conversation about retaining talent. Let us facilitate, and you will come out with a concrete action plan and a new appreciation for your business.

Design and Facilitate Custom Development Programs & Processes
Our roots are in developing people, so let us be your sherpa through the world of needs assessments, competency maps, curriculum planning, targeted programing for new managers, HiPos, etc. 
​  Our P360 Training Collection can be a great resource for your learning strategy. 

Assess and Coach Individuals for Skill Development, Personal Growth and Professional Success
We are certified in a variety of Self and 360 instruments to provide individuals with substantive feedback to reinforce positive behaviors and attributes and limit blind spots. Coaching helps individuals process and respond to this feedback in a motivated and actionable manner. 



Pathway360 Consulting is a Human Resource and Organizational Development firm with expert resources to deliver strategic projects and build out capabilities so you can deliver on the vision and value of your People Strategy.