​• Simple, Memorable & Applicable Models

​• Skills Practice and Feedback

​• Business Application

​• Experiential Learning

​• Action Planning

“This was one of the most effective and informative management training sessions I have ever experienced. I liked that it was very interactive and not just going through slides."

VP Fin Tech.

     Leadership Development
• Trust Building

• Collaborative Communication

• Listening Skills

• Leading Others Through Change

• Creating Shared Vision & Values

• Employee Engagement

• 360 Feedback

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Take advantage of our robust collection of highly interactive, practical, and memorable training programs such as “Feed Me Seymour” and “Getting My Way Without the Highway!” 

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Is Anyone Listening to Me?
Everyone wants to be heard—leaders and employees. The best communicators adapt their communication style to best meet the needs of the stakeholders they are engaging in order to get their message successfully delivered. In this workshop, participants complete a communication style assessment to understand more about their preferred style and how to recognize and adapt to other’s communication needs. The workshop is highly interactive with video, role plays, and application to current work group. 

Come On - You Can Trust Me!
Participants practice trust-building actions that strengthen leadership, team, and interpersonal effectiveness. The focus is on how to be a trustworthy leader and also how to build trust specifically with each individual on the team (and other stakeholders). Through a spirited business game, participants experience how easy it is to lose trust and how teams are interconnected in creating a trusting company environment. 

Feed Me Seymour
This is a very well-received twist on a dreaded topic for most managers—giving feedback! This course focuses on facilitating day-to-day feedback conversations to recognize positive performance, seek improved performance, or end the employment relationship. The course provides a simple, powerful script to make it easy for managers to quickly increase their confidence in managing the conversation including dealing with employee reactions to feedback. This course is very hands-on and uses real examples of feedback. Participants practice re-stating the feedback in a way that is helpful, respectful, and productive.  

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Pathway360 Consulting is a Human Resource and Organizational Development firm with expert resources to deliver strategic projects and build out capabilities so you can deliver on the vision and value of your People Strategy.  


        Professional Success
• Career Management L-n-L Series

• Effective Teaming L-n-L Series

• Personal Brand, Values, & Presence

• Communication Style

• Influencing and Selling Your Ideas

• Presentation Skills

• Meeting Facilitation

• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

​• Leading Yourself Through Change

            New Manager
• Facilitating Team Start Up
• Setting & Executing on Goals 
• Delegation
• Coaching & Developing Others
• Dealing with Performance Issues
• Verbal and Written Feedback
• Delivering Performance Reviews
• Addressing Team/Peer Conflict 
• Interviewing/Hiring
• HR Compliance for Managers

Pathway360 Consulting, LLC 


Our on-site workshops are tailored to your culture and processes and provide a safe forum for people leaders and individual contributors to share their challenges, test out concepts, and gain the foundational skills and tools to effectively lead themselves and others.  

We employ a variety of instructional and interactive methods to connect with different learning styles and personalities to create value for all participants.  

Many topics can be adapted for video conference and e-learning.  

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